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Kappa Kappa Psi has been headquartered in Stillwater, OK since it's inception at Oklahoma A&M University in 1919. Tau Beta Sigma added Stillwater as the base for its headquarters once the two groups were recognized nationally as adjunct organizations in 1946. Originally based out of the Seretean center, the current headquarters is in Stillwater Station located a little off campus from Oklahoma State University and houses a staff that works for both Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma.



The services of the National Headquarters fall into four categories, all of which overlap: Administrative Services, Fiscal Management, Record Keeping, and Publicity and Promotion.


They include:

  • Collection and dissemination of data by acting as a clearing house for chapter and colony activities and projects.
  • Consultation on activities, programs, operations, and constitutional interpretation at the Chapter, District and National level.
  • Preparation and distribution of forms, brochures, pamphlets, and reports which help to improve the efficiency of chapter, district, and national operations.
  • Collection and disbursement of annual dues, initiation fees, charter fees, and jewelry and supplies sales. Your Executive Director manages the budget approved at each National Convention and is accountable to the National Chapter through the National Councils.
  • Provides, safeguards, and contracts the manufacture of fraternal regalia, identifying marks, and jewelry.
  • Assists in the planning of District Conventions and provides technical and consultative services and partial funding to host chapters.
  • Responsible for National Convention operations.
  • Assists the National Councils in the operation of an efficient colonization program making certain that all requirements are met prior to granting a charter in either organization.
  • Administers the will of each National Convention.
  • Maintains the Life Member and Alumni database and assists the ΤΒΣΑΑ Executive Committee.
  • Represent the Sorority at meetings of other music, fraternal, and professional organizations.
  • Preparation and distribution of the official publication, The PODIUM.
  • Maintenance of the Archives of the Sorority and Fraternity.
  • Assist in planning for the future of the organizations.

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